Sunday, November 22, 2009

JenJo's message from the past

I was looking through a container to empty, so I had a place to store my ever expanding collection of photos. I came across something I hadn't read in 8 or 9 years. My friend Jennifer Joseph wrote this about me as a class assignment back in High School. Probably when I was a senior. It touched me more than it did when I first read it. I hope I am still a fraction of the person she thought I was.

Who is your wall?

"Friends are like walls. Sometimes you lean on them, and sometimes it's enough to know they are there. So who is your wall? My wall is a neon colored and like any non-conventional wall.He sets his standards apart from everyone else and whatever he does, he makes it work. He doesn't have that many close friends but he is a close friend to everyone that he meets...and he is best friend. Cameron is very tall wall. He always reaches for things I can't grasp and at least tries to make me understand or gives me a step ladder to help me on my way. Cameron possesses the wackiness we all lost when we turned 6, I guess he never got rid of it. He is the type of person who makes everything fun, even grocery shopping and riding in the car. He can be very stubborn like a wall, but he does it for a reason. He tends to point things out when I've done wrong so that I won't make the same mistake again. Cameron is also one of the only guys I know who is honest. He knows when to be serious and when to joke around and he knows how to just be him. Around him you tend to enjoy the simplicities of life, like breathing. The reason I say breathing is because you are either rolling on the floor laughing or you will be losing your breath slowly wrestling leg grabs. There is never a dull moment in the presence of Cameron, for he will always enlighten you with one of his random websites, sing, or even one of his off the wall facts. His endurance will always impress people, but as long as he still has that smile on his face when he says hello to me, I know everything is fine. Confidence and importance is what I feel around him. He makes me feel like a beautiful person and really that takes a beautiful person to do that. For I know my neon wall of a friend is not perfect, but I love his imperfections. I couldn't ask for anything more. Does your wall do that for you? If not, call 1-800-Cameron and don't worry, he'll always be there for you."

Thank you JenJo, for reminding me of the man I once was and the man I am still trying to be.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

My Likes for SXSW

There are some big folks, in my book, coming to town in about a week. I'm digging around the SXSW schedule and maximizing the use of my dual monitors. Below are most of the bands I've added to my SXSW calendar.

First off, One of my most anticipated,Trickey

New album out and he's coming state-side. w00t!

A former partner of his is also coming for her 2nd solo effort.
Martina Topley-Bird

Some new folks for me Kraak & Smaak

Another FavoriteLady Sovereign

Mr. Lif


Steve Aoki aka Kid Millionaire


Boys Noize

Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip


Hot Pink DeLorean

The Toxic Avenger & Franki Chan





The Golden Filter



The Octopus Project- always a fav

Amanda Palmer

Passion Pit

Peter Bjorn and John

...Of course there are those who I have set up as plan B bands:



the bird and the bee
Tim Heideker from Tim and Eric directed this!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Chain snake

Sent from my Iphone. Please excuse arrogance.

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Rattlesnake Chainsaw Wars

Loving the Rattlesnake Chainsaw war concept!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Trying out some of Picasa 3's features. I love the tint feature and soft focus. I'm goin' nuts!
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Friday, November 14, 2008

New iphone app: Juxtaposer


> Works like a half ass photoshop. Neat, huh?






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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Leaving for a bit

Well folks, I leave for Amsterdam and London tomorrow around 4:30 and I'll be back the following Monday at 7pm. I'll miss all of you that I will miss. The others will be vaguely thought about in passing. If you want to chat with me while I'm abroad you can text me but no Calls as those are a buck a minute. I'll call you in a haze, if necessary. I'll have my notebook with me so you can reach me though e-mail, facebook, myspace, and the like. If you want to keep up with my progress here are the bit's I can offer:

My twitter: - this will be frequently updated through the day.

Photos I take in Amsterdam:

Photos I take in London:

Wish me luck. I'll see everyone in a week or so.


Friday, September 19, 2008

Gettin a check up

I passed our last Fri nite. Now I'm getting a check up. First time in a med gown.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

book log

A fine one I should have read a while back. and so it goes.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dirty opportunities

Given the chance, I could probably be as perverse as my dad and grandfather's reputations. Sad that I know about their kinks, but it's in my blood.

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Novelle Review

If I am impressed with a movie, from now on, I will just take random pictures of my face during the viewing.

I believe these slides of my reactions to "The Machine Girl" should get you interested enough.

Watching a bizarre, shitty, gory Japanese movie about a girl who loses her arm and brings forth horribly choreographed, blood spewing vengeance.


The Machine Girl

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Watching car chases on the news...

Is like watching someone play grand theft auto set on low resolution.

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Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Those who don't seek money or power will lose theirs to those who do.

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lunch n' Tings

Well, I emptied out my feed reader
when I began lunch, so I had to find something else to do. Cthulhu knows I should attempt actual talking to of co-workers. The sushi I bought from the cafeteria is sub-par today. The rice is out of whack. Normally I enjoy it as healthier than most items and decent quality. Mushy rice. Too much Vinegar.

Watched the Rifftrax for 6th Sense last nite. Wasn't their best one but it worked. I forgot how nice the cinematography was in that flick. The directing wasn't as hot as I recalled. Too much telegraphing. Then again, the studio might have said, "Hey, you know, could you repeat the whole movie once we realize Bruce has been dead for 90% of the movie? Ya know? Really bring it home to roost in the audiences head." I hope so. M. Night is a piss poor writer and director from what I've seen but I avoided the last 3 of his movies. I feel better for it.

I'm hosting a Bachelor Weekend on Sat and Sunday. Israel Chapa is getting married. I am still shocked that I was the first of his friends he told. I like the guy a lot and I've known him maybe 4-5 years. He sure has taken a shining to me if he has asked Carlos and I to arrange it all.

There will be sun, water, booze, boobies, more booze, (maybe some more boobies?), and mild Bad Assery! We promised his fiancee there would be no hookers. Not bad for limitations. Looking forward to it. I guess every man should have to throw a Bachelor Party once in his life. Another milestone.

Feeling a little depressed in the last week or two. The place is really starting to show it. I'm cleaning tonite to prepare for the guys coming in, so it gives me a good excuse. I'll be distracted most of the weekend with the festivities. That will help.

I've had a failure to launch on the last 2-3 girls I've asked out or set dates up with. Kinda getting to me a bit down. Hey, ya know, I guess I could be less picky but that doesn't help anyone. Patience is hard when your bed starts feeling lonely. Back to work.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Weezin the Juice!

First off. I'm finishing the third Robocop movie, right now. I watched 'em all this week.

I have really enjoyed these guys. If you've talked to me lately, you know I'm on a retro kick right now. Come pretty major classics. This week was the following
RoboCop 1-3


Dungeons & Dragons (I find myself in awe of how this movie came to pass)

Mystery Men

Saw Atticus for his movie Premier. The Antidote was amusing but only due to the fact that I knew Atti. Joanna was in the movie too. Kinda funny to see her again in any form. She was calling Atticus's character a liar in the movie and I laughed out loud. What a clepto/compulsive liar.

Saw Tom Waits in Houston last Sun nite with Rickey. I did this:


And this

Rickey did this

Later Tom did this:

Later, I got a bug up my ass and made a stuffed animal out of socks. The first of many, I suppose. This one was practice:

Travis practiced origami successfully.

Max will be back tomorrow. It has been a lovely break having the place to myself. I'll probably find a place of my own in Dec/Jan. I realized I missed it too much.

I got to see a bunch of friends this week. Made me happy that they all can come together from time to time. We were celebrating my promotion. They're moving me up another level at Dell tomorrow. It just keeps happening.

We went to RedLine Hookah but when we walked up there was karaoke of American Pie blaring through the door and none of us had the balls to open the door and look into the horror that it could have been. We drove around 6th and 4th street for 1/2 an hour and ended up empty handed.

Rickey and I did a round of Disc Golf. His first time and my second. Good sun and nature time. I think it's a good way to spend 2 hours.

Got three of my prints framed. I fell in love with the Blade Runner poster all over again. *sigh*

Rickey helped get my notebook back on track with a clean install. I'll have fun whipping it back into shape this week.

Time for sleep. A new day and a new job await me on the 'morrow. Until next time - Keep on Truckin'

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Need Input! Input!

It's been a bit. I've not been busy. That's not why I haven't seen you. I haven't forgotten you. I'm still here. I send you texts inviting you to things. I buy an extra ticket to shows so you can come if you want. I plan things ahead so you can come. Where are you?

I had a birthday. I'm 27 now. It would have been anti-climactic but I wasn't expecting a climax.

I'm feeling a disconnection from people I've known for a while. Some are drawing nearer in ways I truly appreciate. I'm sensing flux.

Lease is up in Aug. Dell is offering me another promotion. Friends are moving. Some are to follow. I go out alone more often than not now-a-days. Movies, shows, carnivals. Doesn't seem to matter.

It's time for something.

So I did one thing. I smoked salvia

on my birthday. Oh sure, I had smoked it before. But I hadn't smoked this.

I was somewhere else for 20 minutes but it was only 4-5 minutes. I was having an important conversation. Then I had to leave even though I needed to stay. I was climbing out of a room that was collapsing into a latex tunnel where people were lined up to leave. Some were waiting in my coffee table. I couldn't get up as gravity was pulling me back. I finally started to realize I was in my Apt. I could see generic cartoon latex bubbles instead of real shapes. When I focused with all of my will I could pull the true forms forward out of the bubbles but they would just snap back behind their facades. I crawled over to the rug and sprawled out. I laid there and found myself realizing I needed to go back. I wasn't done with what I started during those lost 20 minutes in the "other place". After sweating it off I couldn't shake the thought that I was needed there. I still have that same feeling. So did Ivan and Travis. We all felt the urge to return to what we had been doing there.

I can't shake the feeling of being buffeted by winds of opaquely colored gravity winds surrounding my senses and making me feel like I was caught in a sand storm of comfort and illusion.

I'm no more illuminated than before flame met salvia but I am more curious about my plane of existence. These experiences are important to me and I need them to realize that I don't see everything. I don't know everything. I can't be sure I'm even functioning in the right reality. Maybe they really do need us back there.

I had hoped to have gone on a new date by now. It's been about a month since my last one, I think. Sarah was nice but not meant for anything longterm. I don't think she expected to be around long, anyway. Girl needed to shave her muff and know to give head without my condom on.
Neither one of those were breaking points. She was a little too nice without any edges.

Watched Short Circuit 2 last nite. That was farrrrr more amusing than I remembered it. Currently watching the first one. God I love dual monitors. Johnny 5 is an admirable character. This film couldn't be made again with the same spirit of robot wonder. Then again, I guess they did with Bicentennial Man.

Screw you for that weepy robot with a dripping heart/vag flick. Johnny 5 is a great character. the reason I like the second one more is they don't take the time to show him developing a personality and they stick him in a diamond heist flick! Wee doggies! At the same time, the whole robotics as the future of our military theme of the first flick was a little prophetic. Yet, DARPA probably was already past the wet dream stage on that one. The simplicity with which people use computers to do such amazingly complicated things just by typing a few lines is humbling. They use Fisher Stevens as the east Indian character Ben. You know, The Plague from Hackers. Little insulting racially. But. John Wayne did play Genghis Khan.

Surely I'm not the only one that relishes watching these grade of movies. I saw Harold and Maude

at the Paramount with Travis tonite. Caught a few more nuances. They opened with a Bugs Bunny cartoon. How astounding to see it on the big screen the way my parents and grandparents did. I do cherish these moments.

Dell is offering me a promotion. I'm kinda getting worried that one day they are going to promote me and they are going to discover I've been just getting lucky all along or that I'm not really all that great. Hey, as long as I keep doing the job right and they keep upping my pay, right?

Ok, it's late and Short Circuit is just starting to get good. This means a morning wishing I hadn't stayed up watching this. Gotta capture the Magic when it's here.

Camtron 5 is Alive!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lack of Music More of Ubuntu

I still haven't blogged about all my SXSW bands. I think it's too daunting a task. I could have last weekend but Rickey and I spent all of it changing my new XPS m1330 on to Ubuntu with XP running in Parallels. Learning Linux bases OSs is definitely like learning a new language. It will take a while but I'm already having fun with Compiz Fusion. Still have to get the Bluetooth, webcam, and media card working. It will just take time. Lot's of bugs but we're getting there. Here's hoping I don't break anything!